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  • Our Story

    During my time in college at the University of Tennessee I changed majors, like many college students do, several times. During my junior year I decided to major in Computer Science. I quickly developed a love for all things technology. I began to do computer support as favors to family, friends, and neighbors. Shortly after that, I began to work as an application developer at the University. While I still did a few side jobs on weekends and evenings, my school work and job at the University required the majority of my time.

    Shortly after graduating, I received several calls from some local businesses and a few individuals. These requests ranged in variety, from getting a campground set up with WiFi, to fixing a small office computer, to building a website for a local hair salon. After much discussion, prayer, and planning, my wife Jesse and I decided it was time to officially start up Tater Valley Technology.

    Three principles we build upon at Tater Valley Technology are honesty, efficiency, and the desire to help others. We offer our customers honest services, the best prices, and the best solution.

  • Our Values

    Tater Valley Technology ensures that our clients know exactly what we plan to do, how much that will cost, and roughly how long it will take. We won't make unnecessary repairs or offer you services that we don't think you need. We don't cut corners and we strive to price our services fairly.
    Tater Valley Technology aims to operate in the most efficient manner possible. We offer quality service and top-notch products from multiple vendors. We'll work with you to get not only the best price but also the best solution for any type of technology you've got to solve!
    Tater Valley Technology believes in giving our customers the most value for their money. We don't place value over quality, but we do our best to offer quality products at reasonable prices. This allows us to offer deeper discounts on labor and service charges, resulting in lower prices for our customers.
  • The Benefits

    While the price of technology is constantly changing, we do our best to offer quality services at reasonable prices. We work closely with multiple vendors and distributors to monitor these price changes and place orders appropriately. We want to provide effective solutions in the most economical way possible.

Tater Valley Tech. Team

Tater Valley Technology is a family owned business. Our small team allows us to bring you a more personalized experience and keep costs low!

Lucas' Picture


Lucas is the owner and operator of Tater Valley Tech. He is a Computer Science graduate of the University of Tennessee and has worked in information technology his entire life. He is a recent graduate from the Haslam College of Business. He also works as a Software and Applications Developer at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.



Jessica is a recent statistics graduate from the University of Tennessee. She specializes in design, videography and production, customer relations, and business operations.